About Us

FSA is a non-profit organization which governs select Summer Club Swim Teams in the state of Colorado and is celebrating over 50 years of Summer Club Swimming.

If you are interested in joining a Summer Club Swim Team within our League please visit a teams page to find a team in your area.

FSA Code of Conduct

The Foothills Swimming Association and its Executive Board is the governing body for 10 summer club swim teams within the Denver metro area. The member teams include the 5 Parks Piranhas, Applewood Athletic Club, Applewood Knolls, Columbine Knolls, Genesee Mountain Thunder, Green Mountain Gators, Golden Marlins, Mount Vernon Makos, Stingrays at 6th Avenue, and the Wheat Ridge Piranhas.

All member teams of the FSA strive to provide a positive experience in and out of the water for all of their athletes. Good sportsmanship is of the utmost importance to the FSA. There is zero tolerance for assault upon, hazing of, disorderly conduct toward, harassment of, intimidation of, discrimination against, or any criminal offense against another athlete, official, coach or spectator.

Anyone who violates this code of conduct and/or a team’s code of conduct may face consequences including, but not limited to, removal from current and/or future competition or dismissal from their team.

The Executive Board of the FSA will work closely with the individual teams’ Board of Directors to assist in any matter that is brought to the attention of the FSA.

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